Take it further

Is it time for you to take it one step further? 

Let's walk closer together for a season.

You sign up for one semester of small-group follow up and get:

  • a personal small-group to meet with online every other week 
  • input and valuable sharing on a corporate and personal level from your leader
  • the opportunity to share from your journey and receive feedback 
  • personal keys sent to you by e-mail according to your process after every session

You sign up for one semester at a time for the cost of 200$.

This covers the semester of fall 2022 (mid - August through mid - December).

We meet by a link every other Thursday night at 8-9pm CET.

Are you interested? 

We would love to hear from you if you want to know more about this opportunity. 

We cannot guarantee an open spot. You will receive updated info by submitting.