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iamburning exist as a platform to help keep the fire of first love burning for Jesus, in the hearts of those who love Him and want to live for Him in such a time as this.

We all need help to live the way God has ment for us to live. We are called to be a bright shining light in the world, and to burn with the love that comes first from God, and that we get to receive and be set ablaze by, so we can love Him back and be a difference in this world.  

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iamburning aims to continually provide content online for people to access anytime, to help keep the fire burning. You will find teaching, pep talks, help for direction and focus, and the opportunity for closer follow-up if that's what you're in need of right now.



iamburning was created by Benedicte and Gjermund Mella. We are a married couple with three lovely kids. We have worked for more than two decades in Bible Schools, prayer-house and Church plant in Oslo, Norway. We also founded Onething Europe (www.onethingeurope.no) with the desire to awaken First Love and prepare the Bride for Jesus. 



Your weekly go-to for fuel and direction for you heart. Input from many wonderful carriers of the Fire of First Love for Jesus.

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Go deeper in a subject that you really need right now. Join a on-demand course from our library. Welcomewelcome

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We walk closely with a limited amount of people in small-groups online where you get personal follow-up.

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