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You were not ment to barely survive as a follower of Christ. You are ment to be a shining, bright light in this world!  

Join a fellowship of people who carry the same desire as you.


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Weekly pep talks, sermons, live sessions

Benedicte & Gjermund Mella with a variety of guests share freshly and deeply from their hearts, lives and storages.

Weekly challenges for you 

Practical and spesific keys, assignments, to-do's and help for your personal life in God. We recommend you set aside time every week for this!

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Invest in the most important thing for you!

We have decided that it is not going to be random how we're doing with the most important thing in life: the first love for Jesus. 

We are not looking for an emotional 'love' like that which the world gives, but a YES to Jesus, with consequences like obedience, sacrifice, surrender and laying down our lives. When choosing this life, we are satisfied by the precious fellowship with the trinity, which is more valuable than anything else!

Join a fellowship that is chasing the same thing as you, and helping you in the direction you want to go with your life, through pep-talks, teaching, practical keys and a continous flow of resources made to get you there. 

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